Health Supplements and General Information


Supplements are designed to be effective for different groups of people. These groups that can benefit from a supplement are listed below.

o Body builders and athletes

o Weight loss

o Vegetarians

o Older adult

o Pregnancy

Body-builders and Athletes

Human muscles are composed mostly of proteins. Body builders and athletes require an extra amount of protein intake for muscle gain and extra body strength for longer endurance. The heavy weight training and tough athletics destroy muscle tissues in the human body, which increases the requirement of protein for repairing the damaged tissues and developing new ones. An extra food diet and good supplements are required for this purpose.

Protein supplements that you take must have high quality because if the quality is low then the protein is not properly broken down into amino acids and is poorly absorbed in the blood which wastes the supplement.

Many supplements are present in the market for athletes. Some of the supplements recommended for athletes are given below.

Whey Protein Powder

This protein supplement is available in different flavors and contains 3 high quality proteins. This supplement is designed for maximum amino absorption.


Creatine supplements are another good source of proteins. Creatine exists naturally in the body and meat. If extra amounts are taken they usually boost up the energy level.


Male basic multiple is a good supplement that provides several antioxidants to fight the free radicals. Weight lifting causes increase in the oxygen requirement of the body and because of that the numbers of free radicals increase. Antioxidant supplements are good for body builders and athletes.

Other supplements for them may include Over the Counter Digestive Enzyme Supplements caffeine, carnitine, vanadyl sulphate, etc.

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements comprise a big market. There are millions of people who are over weight due to unbalanced diets. People who don’t want to or are unable to do exercise to reduce weight are searching for good weight loss supplements.

Supplements of weight loss such as ephedra cause the metabolism to speed up. Such supplements are not good for health and cause many side effects such as nervousness, tremors, headache, chest pain, hepatitis, seizures, and more. The use of the wrong supplements that contain strong botanical diuretics and laxatives also have bad effects on both young and old people.

Some of the good weight loss supplements present on the market are listed below.

Thermo 7 Diet TM Caps

This supplement is a very good nutritional formula, which targets energy, appetite control, metabolism, balanced blood sugar, balanced muscle-to-fat ratio, and breakdown of fat. If used with proper exercise and diet this supplement has the potential to reduce weight significantly.