How to understand transformation from change

How to differentiate the process of change and transformation? Many may not have much doubt in understanding meaning of the word ‘change’ but many may not understand the real sense of the word ‘transformation’.

The corporate and its people should know the difference between the change and transformation quickly. When they presumably grow,How to understand transformation from change Articles they need to validate whether they are growing with change or growing with transformation?

How to learn the difference between the above two terms with suitable example from nature? If one invests some observation in the simple life cycle of butterfly can learn well about what is transformation. The life cycle of butterfly pass through three distinct stages viz., egg, larva, pupa and adult. The egg grows into larva is nothing but change with growth or growth with change. The larva voraciously eats the green leaves, drink the sap of the plant and survive for sometime. The larva represents the form of an ugly or clumsy worm. The grotesque larva undergoes ‘pupa’ stage by cocooning itself inside a cocoon. During pupa stage, the larva goes into a state of trans or it seldom show any sign of life or activity. Neither the pupa eat nor shown any normal biological activity.

After a distinct pupa phase, the butterfly with eye catching beauty emerges out. Functionally, butterflies never harm the plants like their previous larval stage. They only help the flowering plants in pollination and in turn they gently receive the nectar from the flowers.

Transformation always refers to a higher state of change. Coal transform design transformation into diamond. Always transformation brings fathomless value addition in terms of quality and quantity. How an ugly and harmful worm become the most beautiful, gentle and ever flower loving butterfly? Transformation is not a mere change in the appearance or behaviour, but is a total, collective, complete and all inclusive change.

The corporate should aspire for transformation and not just mere change. Change may not require great effort or commitment or focus when compared to transformation. Transformation needs collective and total approach with commitment and sacrifice.

The voracious eater worm was willing to freeze its activity, was willing undergo complete fasting and was willing to be inside a cocoon until it attain transformation.

No eligibility criteria are required for transformation. No conditions or any prerequisites. An ugly worm can convert into the most attractive butterfly? How one remains at present has very limited contribution to his/her transformation than what ordeal and commitment she/he follows only offer the result. A total approach and not compartmental approach is required for the above.

From destructive role to perpetuating or propagating role is what the butterfly reaches through the process. From dislike/aversion to admiration and lovability is what transformation has offered to the larvae of the butterfly.

The modern corporate and its employees need to learn this essence from the beautiful butterfly and certainly they can become what butterfly is.