Japanese Learning Software – The 4 Best Japanese Learning Software Packages Online Reviewed

Interested in learning Japanese? There are a heap of courses to learn from, some better than others. Here are the 4 that you should consider for your Japanese learning journey.

#1 Tell Me More Japanese

The Tell Me More series are a fairly recent entry in the language learning arena, with their major breakthrough being voice recognition software, which has been picked up by other courses. Tell Me More Japanese claims to have over 300 hours of content which would make it one of the biggest courses around. While I don’t know if it really did have that much, I definitely got bang for my buck. Drawbacks are that the Tell Me More Japanese learning software is not at all for beginners and the interface can be fairly confusing.

#2 Pimsleur Japanese

Pimsleur is for many people the gold standard of language learning, and is based on how the human memory absorbs information. Being an audio only course, if you hope to learn how to read or write any of the 3 Japanese scripts then you’ll have to look elsewhere, but nobody beats Japanese music video┬áPimsleur at what it sets out to do; get you speaking Japanese fast. That said, Pimsleur Japanese is criminally expensive and so is out of reach for most people, but if it’s in your budget and you only want to speak Japanese, then Pimsleur is for you.

#3 Rosetta Stone Japanese

The Rosetta Stone Japanese learning software suite, like Pimsleur, is one of the most popular solutions around in learning Japanese. It’s quite similar to the Tell Me More Japanese learning software series in that it has voice recognition software and a large amount of content. Drawbacks to Rosetta Stone are the price (not as bad as Pimsleur, but still out of reach to most people) lack of cultural sensitivity when it comes to explaining WHY things are as they are in Japanese, and you are taught somewhat formal means of expression.

#4 Rocket Japanese

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