Why Would Jesus Want to Keep His Identity a Secret?

One of the topics of the book of Mark is the character of Jesus of Nazareth. Mark starts his gospel with the basic proclamation this Jesus is both the Messiah and the Son of God.

As we read Mark’s record, nonetheless, we are confronted with the way that Jesus over and again advises the two evil spirits and individuals to stay quiet.

Jesus and the evil presences.
During his service we get the feeling that evil presences were following Jesus and doing all that could be within reach to make ruin any place he went. In Mark 1:21-26 an evil spirit appears in the Capernaum temple, everything being equal. The devil broadcasts, “I know what your identity is – the Holy One of Israel”. How does Jesus answer? “Hush up!” (Mark 1:24).

Later in Mark 1 we are informed that Jesus “drove Who is Jesus to me out numerous evil presences, yet he wouldn’t allow the devils to talk since they knew what his identity was” (Mark 1:34).

And afterward we come to Mark 3 and we read a synopsis explanation of Jesus’ service in a far off region close to the Sea of Galilee. Once more, evil presences are coming to Jesus by the thousand and they are shouting out, “You are the Son of God”. “In any case, he (Jesus) gave them (the evil spirits) severe orders not to tell what his identity was” (Mark 3:12).

Jesus and his recuperating wonders.
This “don’t tell” theme likewise seems when Jesus mends individuals. Subsequent to mending an outsider, Jesus tells the man, “don’t tell this to anybody” (Mark 1:44). At the point when he raised a 12-year old young lady from the dead, Jesus “provided severe orders (to the guardians) not to tell anybody about this” (Mark 5:43). Subsequent to mending a hard of hearing man, “Jesus directed them not to tell anybody” (Mark 7:36). In like manner, when he gave sight to a visually impaired man, Jesus told the man, “Don’t go into the town” since he doesn’t maintain that expression of this supernatural occurrence should spread (Mark 8:26).

Jesus and the pupils.
Generally baffling, notwithstanding, are the times when Jesus advised his supporters to hush up about his personality. Because of Jesus’ inquiry, “Who do you say I am?”, Peter replies, “You are Christ”. The following refrain is stunning: “Jesus cautioned them not to educate anybody concerning him” (Mark 8:29-30).

Subsequent to taking Peter, James and John to a mountain where Jesus uncovers his magnificence (“his garments became stunning white”), “Jesus provided them severe orders not to let anybody know what they had seen until the Son of Man was miraculously come back to life” (Mark 9:9).